Cleaning & Sanitization in a COVID-19 environment

We have partnered our cleaning service and an environmental company to offer an option to ensure that your family will enjoy your Beach Haven vacation and maximize peace of mind. All guests are able to check-in and check out without person to person contact.

After a deep cleaning, the partner can safely sanitize and provide a barrier against the COVID-19 virus. Rates for 2021 season are being established, and expected to be $150-$200 as an additional optional service charge. The technician will lay a material that is then left alone to air dry, and will leave a barrier that will kill any virus that comes into contact with it. The product is non-toxic to people, safe for electronics, silverware and glassware. Re-entry into the environment is 2 hours after application. For the 2020 season, more than 1/2 the tenants have opted for the service. The downside is some reported residue, and check in time is 2 hours later than normal.

The fogging solution sprays on Bio-Oxygen products, registered with the EPA, to safely decontaminate and sanitize the home. This barrier will kill the virus up to 90 days on non-use surfaces and up to 7 days on high-traffic surfaces. It is 4X more effective than most cleaners against Coronavirus-Wuhan. This product/service has been used over 10 years. It is being used in libraries, schools, retirement homes, daycare centers, clinics and more. The Ship Bottom police have used it to sanitize their police station. A pediatric clinic on the mainland has used it, and many others.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.